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Plants that Repel Insects

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Repels: Tomato hornworms , Cabbage loopers , Cabbage maggots , Corn ear worms , Small whites , White Flies

The thyme is a bush, reaching 50 cm in diameter. It’s evergreen, with yellow-green small leaves that smell like lemon. The fully-grown plants blossom during the summer with pink, lavender-like flowers.

The herb was first used somewhat 5000 years ago, when the Sumer civilization began to use it as means of soothing pain. The ancient Greeks began using it as a culinary supplement – the hills of the country were practically covered with the fragrant plant, which gradually turned into a symbol of elegance and courage. The Romans also associated it with bravery and power and before entering a battle, the soldiers bathed in water, aromatized with the herb, because they believed it will bring them the win on the field.

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