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Plants that Repel Insects

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Repels: Mosquitoes & House Flies 

In the never-ending battle with mosquitoes, there’s one herb that will help you undoubtedly – the almighty basil. It’s rich in essential oils, tannins, organic acids, mineral salts. The birthplace of the so-called king’s herb, are the tropical geographic lengths of Asia and Africa. Yet, the basil has been highly praised in Europe for centuries.

It’s connected with ancient mythologies, and was used in balsaming the diseased in Egypt. At the time of the Roman Empire, the suitors used a basil stalk instead of a flower bouquet as a symbol of love. In Mexico, on the other hand, people believed that a spray of basil in the pocket will bring you money, whereas your loved one will be faithful forever. In Europe, during the Middle Ages, the folk assumed that scorpions lurk under it. Its name comes from the Greek word for royal – basilico, whereas according to the Indian religion its flavour is sacred.

Mosquitoes and house flies are especially afraid and repulsed by the basil scent.

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