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Plants that Repel Insects

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Repels: Mosquitoes , Aphids , Nematodes & Rabbits

The orange and yellow flowers grow in many gardens, however, in the wild they are agile and also happen to grow out of dumping-grounds. The marigold is a peculiar barometer – if the blossoms remain closed after 7 in the morning, then it means it will rain during the day.

There are different kinds of marigolds – lighter and darker, with larger and smaller blossoms, but they all carry the same health benefits. Plus, marigolds’ smell chases off not only aphids and mosquitoes, but also big animals such as rabbits.

The flower contains essential oils, bitter compounds, carotene, organic acids, flavonoids, etc. It’s no accident that the marigold potion is pretty bitter. Its fragrance dissolves well in alcohol, which explains its wide usage in different skin creams.

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