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Plants that Repel Insects

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Repels: Mosquitoes , Flies , Moths & Mice

Common mugwort (Artemisia absinthium L.), also known as white mugwort or yomogi in Japan, is a grass perennial and fragrant plant. It grows on meadows and bushes, in grassy and rocky areas. Its origins stem from Europe and Siberia, but today it’s widely spread in the USA as well.

The white mugwort has a typical pleasant flavour and a strong bitter taste. Its beautiful, silver-green leaves may be the most famous for absinthe distillation usage, but that’s not all. Its natural essential oils emit a distinctive smell which does a great job at repelling not only flies, but also insects such as mosquitoes and moths, and even small pests, like mice. Plant them in pots around the garden, or grow them directly in the soil. You can also dry some of the herb and place it in small bags where necessary.

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