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Plants that Repel Insects

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Plants have unique natural abilities to emit different chemical substances. With them they repel or attract specific insects. The beautiful flowers of the herbs or our garden flowers mean a pretty sight and a pleasant fragrance for us. For those who would like to give the natural route a try, we’ve described some easy-to-find herbs readily available at most nurseries that are said to repel mosquitoes and other annoying insects. The smell from fragrant herbs is the result of the distribution of tiny globules that contain oils. High temperatures, for example, can cause the globules to become volatile, evaporating the essential oils and turning them into vapors.


Repels: Mosquitoes , Flies & Vegetable Plant bug

The rosemary’s origins are Mediterranean, whereas its forestry citrus-like aroma adorns kitchens, gardens and pharmacies all around the world. Connected with names, such as sea dew and old man, the rosemary looks like lavender, with flat needle-like leaves.

The rosemary is one of the herbs that are multifunctional. It’s extremely resistant to outer conditions, therefore, it’s easy to grow both in and out of the house. However, it needs a lot of sunlight if the pot is inside your home, but it doesn’t require too much warmth and air humidity. Sprinkling the plant with water several times a week will provide the necessary amount of the precious liquid.

Rosemary repels not only the bad old mosquitoes, but also different pests on vegetable plants, that’s why it happens to be a proper companion plant. Apart from the vegetable gardens, you can grow rosemary on our patio, too.

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