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Famous People with Surprising Dark sides

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Walt Disney

America’s own beloved “Uncle Walt” made millions of dollars with great cartoons, animated features, and a family-focused entertainment company that continues to entertain millions to this day.  He built Disneyland as a tourist destination and laid down plans for a Florida-based theme park that many around the globe consider “the happiest place on earth”.  Why, what could possibly be wrong with Walter Disney?

Racism, for one.  At least in modern eyes, some of Walt’s decisions and comments would be considered everything from questionable to highly offensive – like referring to the dwarfs in Snow White as an n-word pile and buddying up with known anti-semites in the Motion Picture Alliance For the Preservation of American Ideals.  He even personally welcomed Nazi film director Leni Riefenstahl at his studios 1 month after Kristallnacht.  There are also rumors of sexism, mostly relating to his refusal to hire women in the creative process.

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